Since I Got on Your Boards

My surfing has been improving since I got on your boards. Shayne Nelson :: Huntington Beach, California

Shayne Nelson

Everything Super Pro

Board was great, client was super stoked!! Delivery was smooth and on time everything super pro. If we ever get the company to scale up and really kick off it’s clear you guys are the real deal!!! Yeah PNG will be epic Chris has been sending me shots of the boards you have been making and they look epic!!! I reckon the whole foil thing would be insane at Emarau on that wave between the two islands. Anyway yeah the board was fantastic mate thanks for being so professional with it all !!! You’re a legend!!! Shane Peel, Cinematographer :: Australia

Shane Peel

Has Become My Go 2

Man wish we had a photographer 2 get a couple shots of me and the KJA Hybrid. I’ll try to send some GoPro clips 2 u.
I’m putting quad fins in 2 see if it makes a difference but having a blast on it. Has become my go 2 now haha. Cheers legend. Jess :: Salani Surf Resort, Independent State of Samoa

KJA Hybrid deck

Performed Very Well

The Cosmic Shredder performed very well at Restaurants yesterday — and super fun at Cloudbreak today. I got two sick, nice-size barrels today. Loving the tri fin set up. Thanks Kurt! Sean Murphy :: WaterWays Surf Adventures

Cosmic Shredder

Thing Felt Money

Rode the Cyclops at San Miguel on Friday. Thing felt money. Even though the nose is a little narrower than what I usually ride, it felt so good right away. Paddles so good and felt so responsive on the bottom turns! Thanks for stoking me out on these boards Kurt. I can honestly say my surfing has improved significantly since I started riding these boards … no bull. Just feeling so much more comfortable and smooth. You are the man. Ryan :: Ventura, California

Cyclops deck

The Boards Look Lovely

So the boards look lovely, my blue one is probably the best of all. Dude thanks SO much for your patience. The Japanese are all fully stoked and super happy so that’s about as hard a test as you would ever face as a surfboard maker. You’re it for our Japan and US production and if we could solve Australia’s challenging shipping I am guessing you would get OZ too. We will go ahead and build our website now and launch the product knowing we can get the quality we need to enter the market place here. Many thanks brother! Taro Tamai likes it. Shane :: Australia

Are You Kidding Me?!?!

Are you kidding me?!?! I just rode the KJA Hybrid for the first time. So fun! This thing is a line drawer. Ryan :: Ventura, California

KJA Hybrid deck

I’m Done With Merricks.

I’m done with Merricks. Plus I don’t think they have the engineering and preciseness that you have. That double concave and where the rocker is placed is critical. I’ve not nose dived once where other boards I would have. The Hot Wheel is so responsive and dynamic on the wave. Thanks. Surf on!!! Mike :: Newport Beach, California

The Hot Wheel deck

That Board Is Sick!!!

Kurt. It’s Mike. I bought The Hot Wheel. That board is sick!!! So responsive, yet holds in on the wrap arounds and vert smacks. I’m stoked. The added volume works!!!! It’s in the right area. It’s now my #1 go to board.

Swell was up today complete with steep drops and barrels. The board handled great. I put in the JJF fins. Drove it hard off the bottom without any forgiveness. I think that board cannot be driven hard enough. Positive on the wrap arounds and does not dig the nose after the vert smack. Good job on volume displacement. Right amount in the right place.

My friend, David, was killing it today. Solid carves and solid vert smacks. Thought I’d give you an update.

Right on. I can tell you know what is going on. The technology, the design, the nuances. This isn’t run-of-the-mill stuff, nor is it for the average surfer. I’ll keep you posted and will shoot you photos. I’m heading to Costa Rica in two weeks. I don’t even want to ride my Al Merrick anymore.

I surfed Trestles yesterday. I’m getting rid of all my other boards. The Hot Wheel didn’t flinch on the vert smacks or round houses. Ultra solid and responsive. And the speed is unbelievable. Have a good one. Play hard.

Mike :: Newport Beach, California

The Hot Wheel deck

It Worked Insanely Well.

Dude, I rode the Misfit yesterday at north side Huntington Beach pier in kinda big, sloppy mess, and it worked insanely well. So much speed. Surfed again this morning at county line in some pretty fun surf. Couple guys were checking it out too. I can honestly say my surfing is already improving. Morgan P. :: Los Angeles, California

Morgan Peterson in Malibu

Quad Performer WOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

Had my first surf on the quad Performer today. WOWWWWW what can I say!
This little board flies, so easy to paddle and fast and picks up waves so easy.

I really noticed the buoyancy more than anything. Surfed it for about 2.5 hrs in the end, I was the only one out and I was just bashing this little bowl section, floaters over the foam, snaps off the lips, round house cuties in the end section to the beach.

My biggest observation over all was how easy it paddles into peaks, whether shifty or not.
I just fu***** love it.

Derek W. :: Brisbane, Australia

Derek on The Performer

One of the Funnest Boards I Have Ever Ridden.

I have been surfing the Fanged Hornet the last couple days and oh my god. I think it could be one of the funnest boards I have ever ridden. Really, really fast and responsive, been so fun for airs. Doing things I didn’t think I could do!

Off to Indo next week, frothing to put the boards in some good waves.

Thanks so much again so stoked on surfing right now and have you and your boards to thank for it.


Chris P. :: Ewingsdale, Australia

Chris on Fanged Hornet

OMG!!! OMG!!!

I just love The Performer. I’ve never surfed better.

Schell P. :: Maui, Hawaiʻi

Schell with The Performer

Best Board Ever.

The Performer is a contest winner. It’s my go-to board for every contest.

Mike F. :: Newport Beach, California

Mike blowing the tail with The Performer

Catches Every Wave.

The KJA Hybrid catches every wave, no matter how big or small, but bigger the better. This board is buttery. Picture butter in a hot frying pan, but under control.

Dave M. :: Huntington Beach, California

KJA Hybrid deck